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Updated: May 3, 2022

The Clutch basically tells the scooter when to move and what exact RPM it will move forward. So, when the belt goes higher up on the variation, it also got lower into the clutch pulley. The clutch’s secondary pulley makes it transition smoothly into the higher RPM range. The Variator Slides effortlessly on the crankshaft because of the variator boss. This round piece Is what the belt actually rides on. VARIATOR TIPS :: Inside the variator we have rollers that are weighed by grams. This is specific to whatever RPM you want to keep the scooter in. The higher the gram rollers, The more power you need to have. The lesser weighted rollers will cause you spin up fast, but the scooter will not reach it’s full power potential. Keeping a scooter or moped in it’s power range is key to keeping it safe & getting up those steep hills. Rule: If the top speed goes 5-8mph SLOWER …. It will Need a Belt Change. Reason is the dimensions wear down and the chords will breakdown.

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